NVC Plates

Nonviolent Communication plates

Are you training NVC or do you have a NVC practice group? Then this set of more than 50 NVC plates might be for you. Make sure you get to see all the corners of NVC with 10 sets of floorplates, more than 25 exercises, more than 50 original icons, a 25+ page manual, and all orginal Word files to adjust everything to your own needs. You can mix the NVC plates with any current materials.

Note: the NVC-plates are absolutely not a replacement for a NVC introduction. So if you are looking for an introduction, then do not get these plates because these do not explain any concepts at all. The NVC plates are not a course, but course material.

What's in the digital package of NVC plates?

The package contains all original images and an extended manual with learning and game exercises and full appendixes. The printable floorplates are these and more: Also in Dutch

Thanks to your NVC plates I learned several listening pitfalls that I did not recognise as such before.


Vloerplaten gevoelens

Most NVC plates of the set (still in Dutch).

These NVC plates are not a "all or nothing" solution. They are perfectly mixable with your current material. This set is still in development, so you are invited to give feedback (after reading the manual), share new learn- of game exercises and come up with fresh ideas for new icons.

Thanks to this categorisation based on the one from Max Neef, I could easily connect with other participants, because although others had different needs, these were always in the same category of my own needs. This really changed my perspective on what people are actually saying.


Presenting visual drawings helped me to grasp the total concept.



Keeping this initiative alive is based on trust and donation. You are ment to use this set for your own personal use only (not for other trainers or other practice groups), so please invite others to get the NVC plates here (instead of giving it to others). I invite you to come back after a year and see whether you still use this set or started using it inside your own course material in a fruitful way - if yes, you are welcome to do a donation (again). Your financial investment will be used to keep spending time on this set, extend it with new exercises and new drawings, to correct texts and to translate it in more languages. Thank you!